Paper is the gift for a year

The wife and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary this weekend. I can’t believe a whole year has gone by.

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest (not sure who ‘they’ are exactly?!) but we have had some great times (Disney world being a top highlight) and I just love being married to an amazing lady. She really is, after all she puts up with my shopping habits and lets our house smell of vintage clothes!

It turns out that if I want Diamonds as a gift I need to put in another 59 years into our marriage which will make me 90! Well at least the wife has time to save. For now we have made it to paper which in a way I think is very fitting as after Christmas the bank isn’t looking too healthy and like many couples we have things we would like to save for. We got each other a card and headed off to the seaside for a day out.

We went to my favourite place and where we went on our honeymoon ‘Whitstable’.  With the weather being cold but bright the place was really busy and we had a fab time looking around. Here are some bits that caught my eye:

This amazing customised desk made out of a Piano was like nothing I have seen before. From Warehames.

Popped into a farmers market and saw these sweet jams. They made them as small versions as favours for weddings, what a nice idea.

Picked up these vintage style cards:

The wife got to check out the records at Rock Bottom Records which she likes. I think the ceiling is fab.

Our normal fish and chip shop was closed! We are creatures of habit I am afraid to say but did go to a tea shop we like and managed to get near the fire.

We also went into the wonderful shop  The Whiting Post and lets just say Mr Credit Card had to come out at that point. I picked up a dress and this hat:

Before the weather got too cold we managed to go and see the sea. The sun was starting to set. It was wonderful.

I really love going to the seaside and for me a really great day trip can feel like a mini holiday.

By 5pm I was shopped out (can you believe it!) and ready for PJs and a lie down.

On our anniversary itself we kept it real with me cleaning the house, washing, ironing and the wife doing the food shopping and cooking.  I guess being a grown up is something you can’t get away from all the time but once in a while a trip to the seaside is just what the doctor ordered.

Not sure what our second year will have in store for us but I know it will be fun. Plus when we make it to two years it’s cotton, so think I can get a dress!

8 thoughts on “Paper is the gift for a year

  1. Wow, it has already been a year? Congratulations to your first anniversary! I never heard of the paper wedding (but obviously it is known on the continent, too), but only of cotton wedding for the 1st anniversary.
    It seems as if you spent a lovely day at the seaside, I wish you two all the best for the years to come!

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