A new coat means back to school, well work!

With my new coat on (well, new to me)  – a fab find from a charity shop in Rochester last week.

My hair re-coloured – I am afraid to say I am not naturally a red head!

And my new bag that I treated myself to because, well why not?

I was ready to go back to work this morning after the Christmas break (after all I had done a lot of shopping and so something was needed to stop me spending any more!).  As I made my epic commute from Kent to central London I did feel a little like I was going to school. As my train buddy said, “New coat?  Nice bag!”

It’s funny how that feeling of the first day back at school never really goes away. After a little break it’s nice to have new things to help you feel ready to face the world.

I’m afraid that the trip in to work wasn’t good; as I got to the Underground I was informed someone had jumped on the line a few stops from where I was. As a regular London commuter it is sadly something you are used to hearing. But I think because I hadn’t really been in town for almost two weeks it seemed almost new somehow. The thought that it would have been someone’s loved one, maybe a mother or a father, someone’s daughter or son, made me feel really sad. It was on my mind throughout the morning and then when someone said that today was classed as the most depressing day of the year I thought “Oh dear”.

So with this in mind I send my love to all of you on this dark Monday in January and I hope that each of you are well. January can be a hard month for some people, so maybe send a message to an old friend you have been meaning to see, but have just not got round to it, compliment someone, say “Hi” to someone you see every day but maybe never do on the train or playground. Let me know if you do.

So this weeks blog maybe a little random but don’t worry – more vintage is coming this 2014! I got my hands on an amazing collection yesterday that I cannot wait to photo and share with you all. This is a little peak just for you:

Happy most depressing day and lets hope together we can beat it. x

4 thoughts on “A new coat means back to school, well work!

  1. Hi Lisa – sad about the individual who chose to call it a day; on the subject of depression we need to remember we have total control of our feelings, our heads and our actions. If you feel low and have been doing so for a period of two weeks or more, get to see your doctor and discuss this – you could be prescribed a self help book, medication or therapy and remember you need to ask for the fixture you want. I spend my life on anti-depressants as I am clinically depressed (meaning my brain doesn’t produce enough serotonin after a stroke); and nothing wrong with a pill as long as that’s the fixture you are seeking.

    Sometimes depression is indicative of something you are doing, you may have to review life and make the necessary changes to free yourself from the negative cycle. I did – I don’t earn like I used to but I am happier, safer and my family are too.

    My circle of friends have increased for the right reasons – I didn’t have the appropriate circle of support around me.

    I love your blogs Lisa and would like to invite you and your followers to my page :https://www.facebook.com/JustListeningToYou

    Love Vintage Lover; Bernie. xxx

    1. Hi Bernie, Thank you for sharing your background with myself and readers of my blog. As I read your words I can see this is from years of experience. It’s great to know there are people out there like yourself who are trying to help others with this issue. Thank you once again for writing this message. X

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