The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Last week I was emailed by the lovely Whitney of Little Heap Vintage who has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It’s not very often I am lost for words but I really was.

I was so touched when I read the reason she nominated me. Her blog is wonderful and I couldn’t believe I had given her the courage to start it in the first place. Her ideas are wonderful and I couldn’t image her not having her blog. It’s a must to check out. I hadn’t heard about the award before as I’m only a little fish blogger in a very big pond. It feels a real honour to be part of something so big.

So it turns out the rules of The Very Inspiring Blogger Award are simple – Reveal seven random facts about yourself, and then nominate seven bloggers who inspire you.

So here goes.

Fact 1 about Mrs Fox:

One of my biggest idols is Marni Nixon. For years her beautiful and versatile singing voice was ‘borrowed’ by others in a number of the most iconic musicals. She has dubbed for some of the Hollywood greats including Deboarh Kerr (The King and I), Audrey Hepburn (My Fair Lady) and Natalie Wood (West Side Story). When I first started going out with the wife she bought me a book about her life story and I also wrote about her as my main subject for my final essay at Drama school. I find her career really interesting especially how the entertainment world is so obsessed by perfection that they use other people to create the illusion of it.

Fact 2:

I have a really bad obsession with ripping pictures out of magazines. I can’t read anything without seeing if I can re-use the image for something. I love cutting and pasting and that can range from a simple picture to covering a table. If only you could get a full-time job doing it! I also can’t get rid of magazines, so much so they have now taken over my second wardrobe at the bottom, bookcase’s and drawers. I have piles of cuttings!

Fact 3:

I used to be a singer and actresses in my early 20’s. It wasn’t anything that glamorous but one of the jobs I did was Theatre in Education. I toured for 6 months and played Alice from Alice in Wonderland five days a week, two shows a day. I got to grow really tall and wear the classic outfit. Seeing the children’s faces get to enjoy the make believe made it all worth while. I’m glad I don’t live out of a suitcase any more but I’m pleased I had the chance to add this to the CV!

Fact 4:

I’m a big fan of Connie Francis and love the song Stupid Cupid. I used to sing this when I was a holiday entertainment rep. I got this vinyl from New York a few years ago (the holiday when the wife finally proposed). I carried it on the plane as hand luggage as I was so worried it would get damaged. How sad am I?

Fact 5:

PJ’s are what you will find me in at home no matter what time you pop over. I can’t do anything when I get home from work until I have a pair on. I LOVE PJs and own far too many and yet I’m still on the look out for more. Hope I get some for Christmas.

Fact 6:

As I am sure you have gathered from my blog stories I love anything that sparkles. I really am a magpie and nine times out of ten I can’t leave a shop without some piece of costume jewellery, even if I don’t need it. In fact I may get it even if I own something almost the same.

Fact 7:

My biggest guilty pleasure is that I like reading lesbian pulp fiction. My top writer is Ann Bannon who I started reading in my early 20’s when I first came out. It was amazing to find books about  two women in love and the fact they were from the 1950s made them even better. The first book ‘Odd Girl Out’ was a book I could really relate to at the time. Even buying the book over ten years ago was a big deal for me at the time from the small bookcase in Waterstones.

So now I’m done talking about me I get to nominate my 7 blogs that inspire me:

1) Modflowers talented owner has inspired me to want to dust off my sewing machine and create some magic. Her love of vintage fabrics is wonderful to read about and I love opening her well planned blogs in the morning and seeing all the colour.

2) Jenny Rutterford’s blog is full of her amazing photography ranging from weddings she has been at, the area she lives in and a touch of vintage now and then. Her piece she did on a vintage fair I had been at was just so creative I knew this lady had talent. She really does have a great eye and is such a nice person.

3) Catherine of Vintage Frills is an inspiration to me because not only does she not stop making and creating some vintage inspired joys but she does this all while having two children. I really don’t know how she finds the time.

4) Maison Bentley Style is a fab blog that keeps you on your toes. I love the photos she uses and range of subjects she covers from fashion to life. She is also a lady who never stops and I find this inspiring along with her humour.

5) Katie of Thrift your heart out  is the person I was lucky enough to get as my partner for a blog swap. Her blog is full of life and energy. Her love of a bargain is catching and inspires you to think outside the box. I’m a big fan of her videos which are always such fun.

6) Sharon from Sunshine and Celandines  blog is so happy and warm just like her. She covers old movies, makes tea-cup candles and is always out and about. Her happy outlook on life is inspiring and she is a very encouraging lady.

7) Kerry of Love Those “Hands at Home” was a blogger I first got to know when I wrote a story about some linens I had got my hands on. Little did I know Kerry was the linen queen. Her love of hand-made piece’s is wonderful and when you go on her blog it feels like a home should. From blog pieces about what she has found with history behind them, her cooking which I wish I could sample, her appreciation of time people may have spent making something this inspires myself and I am sure others to think about what you see in front of you.

As you can see they are all so different and that’s why I love that I am part of the world of blogging (even though I’m only small). I have been inspired by so many people this year since starting my blog and got to know people I never knew were out there before. Each blogger inspires me each time they write a piece for a different reason.

But they all have something in common, they all manage family’s, their careers and find time to share pieces of their passion on-line and this is inspiring in itself.

After all that I am inspired to start Christmas Eve off with a little mulled wine. What ever you do this Christmas I hope something inspires you and write about it for others to learn something from.


5 thoughts on “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. You are so sweet for including me! Thank you so much. It’s great to be included in such great company, I read a few of the above blogs and will definitely be taking a look at all of the others. It’s great finding out more about you, I love your blog so much and can’t wait to see more offerings in 2014.
    Have a wonderful christmas xxx

  2. I love thispost– you won’t believe it, but one of my upcoming Queer Vintage/Vintage Queer profiles is going to be on lesbian pulp fiction! I also feel you on the PJs front, I feel like a slight fraud not being in vintage attire all the time, but man, I have just got to change into sweats when I get home! Your post is lovely, and it’s so great to learn more about you!

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