Rocking around the Christmas Tree….

With the presents all wrapped, the cards all sent and the count down getting shorter it’s time to think about that important Christmas day outfit. Jumpers have taken over 2013 Christmas and I think they are fab but I am more of a glitter girl myself and so my Christmas day outfit is this 198os over the top sequin top I got my hands on.

The wife is not so sure and in fact closed her eyes when she saw it, saying she thought it was so crazy she couldn’t look at it but I do love it. Yes it may look a little Pat Butcher from EastEnders but it’s made me feel all ready for Christmas.

In fact so much so I feel like Rocking around the Christmas tree….

Here’s some close ups of the top in action.

I will let you know what the family think of it on the day.

Just one last finishing touch on the tree. A FOX decoration of course which the Mother-in-law got me.

Not long to go now so whatever you are up to have a great time. Do let me know if you have your Christmas day outfit sorted as yet and would you wear this crazy top?

11 thoughts on “Rocking around the Christmas Tree….

  1. Well it should come as no surprise that I love every part of this top. All of it. I’m pretty sure my girlfriend would react much like your wife did, and I would react exactly as you did–wear it, hell or high water. I do have a Christmas sweater planned, and while it’s not my most garish, it’s definitely the most intricate!

    1. I wouldn’t expect you to wear anything other than a sweater – after all you have a lot to pick from!
      I know it’s a bit out there but if you can’t wear these things at Christmas when can you?
      Have a great Christmas Whitney.

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