DaisyMays Bouquets vintage wedding shoot

I first met the owner of DaisyMays Bouquets Gillian earlier this year at Doily Days wedding magazine launch. Since then we had stayed in touch. So when Gillian asked me if I would be interested in doing some modelling for her to show off her wonderful bouquets, I of course said yes.

I was really touched she wanted to use me for her business and loved the fact the company is named after her Nan.  I haven’t done modelling since I was 13 years old (at the local shopping centre for Debenhams with Jeff Banks  – oh yes, watch out Kate Moss!) but I was hoping I could do justice to her creations. Before I knew it, I had taken two trains and a bus to Reigate and was sitting on a Carousel with a wedding dress on!

It was Gillian’s idea to go to the local fair that was on in Reigate and it was such a good one. The back drop made for some wonderfully colourful photos and really showed the flowers off well. We were lucky with the weather and thank you once again to the owners of the fair for letting us do the shoot.

The flowers Gillian had made for the day were wonderful and we had planned them to match the outfits I was wearing. I was in love with the ‘Shower Bouquet’ she had created, based on the idea of a really traditional wedding bouquet.

When I spotted a vintage suitcase at her home, which turned out to have belonged to her grandfather, I just knew we had to include it in the photo shoot.  I think it added something really special to the photos and I truly felt like a 1940s war bride.

My suit worked really well with the other flower arrangements Gillian had made and I had the added bonus that she let me take one of the bouquests home afterwards (and the flowers are still going strong a week later).

We also did some random pictures and close ups and these are some of the images I particularly liked:

It was a great day and I am happy to say Gillian was pleased with the outcome. Here she is looking wonderful:

So if you have that special day coming up next year and are based in Reigate or nearby, Gillian of DaisyMays Bouquets is the person to contact.  Or maybe if you want some flowers for an event, then look no further.

Thanks again to Gillian for asking me to model and I really did love the Carousel.

Let me know what you think of the pictures.  Would you have your wedding photos at a fair? x

All photos courtesy of DaisyMays Bouquets  

4 thoughts on “DaisyMays Bouquets vintage wedding shoot

  1. Love the carousel shots – bet you had a goggle trying to get on the horse in a lady like fashion though! The colour of your blue suit is fab and really shows off the flowers. Looks like you had a fun day – you never know what opportunities come from a business meet.

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