Table top sale and The WI!!!!

Last week I had a really bad cold and it’s safe to say I am not very good at being ill. It doesn’t happen very often (once a year at most) but when it does it seems I turn into a 5 year old that is unable to manage. It resulted in me watching old Christmas films on television which clearly went straight to VHS (oh yes they where that old and that bad) and crying for no reason at all other than feeling really sorry for myself.

I had a cold, that was it! What am I like?

Anyway, having been locked in the house for what felt like months (one and a half days) I was starting to go stir crazy. I had seen a flyer come through the door about a Christmas fair and managed to convince the Wife to take me out (emotional blackmail and temper tantrums can be very effective when used sparingly). It turned out I had in fact misread the flyer and we went to the wrong venue – this is what happens when you are ill or maybe just getting old. But as luck would have it the place we ended up at just so happened to have a table top sale on – AMAZING!!! Just what the doctor ordered.

Within 20 minutes I had managed to spend all my change, emptied the Wife’s purse and was feeling a lot better – I do like shopping. I did get a few Christmas gifts but it’s safe to say a lot was just for me. I know that’s wrong but oh well.

I managed to pick up these fab brooches all on vintage playing cards.

I really liked a gold and black one I bought and have placed it on a vintage hand bag I have. I am thinking it would be perfect for a night out during December:

Got these pink glass ball balls for the tree at home when the Wife wasn’t looking. I had in fact only brought a few the other week but these were pink!

Bagged some vintage scarves. One that reminded me of my Grandma as it was soft like the one’s I have of hers and the other was one that wouldn’t normal take my eye but thought it may look good cut up on a cushion as it had a few holes in it.

I also bought a really random pom-pom scarf and I have no idea what I am going to do with it but the lady was really nice and I thought for the time it must have taken her to make it I couldn’t leave it. I’m thinking a random dec for the house however the Wife isn’t too sure about that idea.

To top off the event which we had really got to by chance (or was it fate?) I meet some wonderful ladies from the local WI. That’s when I knew there and then 2014 was going to be a good year for me. We got talking about what they had been up to and how often the group meets and before I knew it I was putting the date in the diary for the next meeting. I have thought about joining the WI before but it’s always been one of those things I have either read a piece about it and thought that would be nice to do, wondered if there was a group near by and then never got round to looking in to it any more.

I felt it was meant to be that I dragged the wife to the (wrong) fair as I would never have found out about the local WI.   There really is nothing more great than meeting people and having a good old chat.

So I will let you know how I get on in January but for the first meeting I need to take a carved vegetable! OH MY was my first reaction but truthfully I really cannot wait.

Any of you out there go to a WI? Any good ideas for vegetable carving? Let me know.

I will tell you one thing is for sure I will be wearing one of my new brooches and scarf to the first meeting. Wish me luck!

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