‘Hats’ off to my henniversary

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my Hen party.

Where did the year go?
Where did the year go?

This time last year I was hanging out with the girls and Christmas was nowhere on my radar. All I could think about was the wedding bits I needed to do, ranging from what people were going to eat to the way I wanted the napkins folded (Oh yes, I had to tell the venue I would call them back as that question tipped me over the edge).

There was one thing however I didn’t need to worry about and that was my head piece for the day. As you may have heard me say before this was made by my talented friend Clare. She brought it to the hen party in a fabulous hat box and I was absolutely thrilled with how beautiful it was.

What I love about the head piece is not only is it a one off and was made for me with love but I have been able to use it since the wedding as well!

Oh yes! I chose to wear it for my photo shoot  the other week and wanted to share these photos. I think the head piece adds to the look, hope you do too.

In fact I still have more of the wonderful fabric left.

Thinking about it the fabric really wasn’t that cheap! I should really do something with it. Any ideas?

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