California dreaming….. (the great blog swap)

So you maybe asking yourself how did I end up with a box of goodies sent all the way from California?

Well let me explain all. I had seen on Spoolish blog that Martyna had done a blog swap with Miche from Buttons and Birdcages. They had sent each other bits they thought each other would like, such as a bag, buttons etc.  Being a follower of both blogs I thought this was a marvellous idea and left a comment saying as much.

Within a few days I was contacted by Martyna to see if I would be interested in taking part in the next blog swap they were doing with more bloggers based in different places. Hello! Of course I was interested, amazing. Little old me being asked,  I felt like I had been invited to a very cool and exclusive event.  I also loved the idea of bringing technology and a bit of old school Royal Mail together. Being as old fashioned as I am it really was SO me.

Then the hard work began, I had two weeks to follow the below rules, I felt a little like Challenge Anneka:

Items to Include in Package (Choose 3-5)

-a small item purchased at a thrift store – I could do that!

– a crafting item that would be useful for the blogger to use for projects – ok…

– a small accessory that you feel would be in the blogger’s taste – I wonder?

– a small souvenir from the place you live – London, so much to pick from

– a small quality item that you made yourself that you feel the blogger would like – I do like a bit of cutting and pasting

– a small makeup/beauty item that you live by, and think the blogger would like as well – only one thing I live by

– Wildcard! You saw something that you thought the blogger would love and you had to put it in the package – amazing, no pressure  

I was paired with a blogger I hadn’t come across before Katie of ‘Thrift your heart out‘ who is based in California. As soon as I got to her page I knew this was going to be fun. She does a series of videos called ‘Ask Katie’ for the Salvation Army store, talking about getting the top trends at the store for much lower prices. What a great job! I knew I had my work cut out with getting some good pieces for her when she is renouned for her bargain hunting abilities. Nervous, excited and determined I set out on my mission.

I was really pleased with what I got for Katie in the end, it wasn’t easy but it was amazing the information and ideas you can get about someone from their blog. I wrapped everything up in red, white and blue vintage style paper (being from the UK after all) and hoped that Royal Mail wouldn’t let me down!

When I got the email from Katie saying how much she loved the box I was so happy. To see what I got her, pop along to her site and check out her video about it. I told you she was a cool lady.

So what did I get back?

While I had no idea what Katie would pick for me but I knew it would feel like Christmas had come early and it did.

She had wrapped it in very cool paper and placed a postcard from where she is based.

These are the fab gifts I got from Katie.

I love these vintage patterns so much, it was a great gift from Katie. The first one is my favorite and I now just need someone to make me the outfit on the left.

I got this very sweet scarf which I am looking forward to pairing with an outfit.

The bag is a real find from Katie and I think I will get some great use from it. Thanks!

I also got some nerd sweets and a little statue of where she is from.

So it was a bit of a mad few weeks but really fun and I so pleased I took part in it.

All over now
All over now

Let me know what you think and if you did it what would you get another blogger you had never met before? What would you have got me?

12 thoughts on “California dreaming….. (the great blog swap)

  1. Great job! Glad you put so much thought and effort into your package! I’m sure it was greatly appreciated. Looks like you got some cute items yourself – love the bag! Thanks again for participating, hope you enjoyed yourself!

    1. Thanks again ‘Spoolish’ for asking me to be part of the swap I loved it so much and was a great way to meet more bloggers plus it was a little old school, like me! Hope you get some good gifts also. x

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