Becoming a movie star – a vintage fashion shoot

I booked a vintage photo shoot a while back and hadn’t really thought anymore about it until all of a sudden the date had arrived. I thought it would be good to get some pictures for the blog / business cards etc. If honest I hadn’t really set out with a special goal just a hope that there maybe at least one photo I would look good in.

All I needed to do was rock up with 4 outfits. This was my first task – only 4? Once that was sorted I was asked to wear no make up or product in my hair. Being someone with very curly hair to say this was far from ideal wouldn’t be covering it! Anyway I made my way to Belgravia Studios in London in the hope that they could transform me into a vintage movie star. And by George I think they did!

I had my make up done by a lady who made my skin shine and my hair was styled by Dorota who was a talented enough lady to cope with the fact I had no idea how I wanted it. I was so pleased with what she came up with and now have her number in case I get any invites to some fab Christmas partys (not hinting at all!) If only I could have her do my hair everyday.

The photo shoot was fun and the photographer was very patient with me. I was even more surprised that she managed to get some good ones of me. I looked like a movie star and at times I even felt like one.

I recommend anyone to have a go.

I worked with a great editor who’s blunt comments I really respected and so with all these people on board I hope you will agree that the pictures were worth the afternoon even if the result was a little more more money spent than planned – but I guess that’s what beans on toast are for .

Let me know what you think. I still can’t get over that they are of me! x

16 thoughts on “Becoming a movie star – a vintage fashion shoot

  1. You look so fabulous! I love the last photo and your new profile picture, so beautiful.
    The whole group of you (photographer, model, hair and make-up stylists) did a fantastic job.
    Maybe I should search for a photographer offering a similar shooting a little closer to me, I am really tempted to try after having seen your results.

  2. You look absolutely stunning! Radiant! Gorgeous! What a wonderful shoot despite the cost. I have always wanted to have a professional take my photo (and photo shop all my flaws!) and you may have just sold me on the idea.

    1. Thanks Brooke for the fab comments. Let me know if you give it a go yourself, would love to see the results. They infact only placed some effects on a few of the photos which I was pleased about, making them black and white etc. The lady who did my make up really did make my skin look amazing!

    1. You are good at spotting detail, yes it was a fun chance to wear some of my vintage glasses I own. The pink dress I have owned for years but it’s a classic. Loving your new look also as Marlene Dietrich. Can’t wait to see the next star you go for.

  3. Dear Lisa,
    It was a pleasure to meet you in our studio, thank you very much for the lovely comments and recommendation, the pictures came out great, I love the fact that you look completely different on every picture!
    X Dorota- Vintage Make -up & Hair

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