A granny dress for the price of a chocolate bar!

It may not be summer at the moment but when I saw this dress last week I didn’t care, I had to have it.

I had in fact meant to buy it for someone else (more on that in a few weeks) but when I put it on and saw the yellow button and white collar I knew I was in love. Plus I thought of ‘I Love Lucy’ and so it was decided – it was mine!

I thought it was the perfect outfit to meet my train buddy’s new baby.

The best thing about the dress was it was 75 pence, yes you heard right. The cost of a chocolate bar. Not bad I thought.

Dress or chocolate?
Dress or chocolate?

With the help of lots of layers, I plan on wearing this in the winter anyway and I am pleased it’s my new granny dress to add to my collection.

What could you get for 75pence?

8 thoughts on “A granny dress for the price of a chocolate bar!

  1. Beautiful! And how lucky you are to find such a dress for so little money!
    And it fits you really well, you look so happy wearing it.
    I once was able to buy two black (homemade) dresses for the price of 1€ each, they seem to be of a similar age as yours. They are nothing great or extraordinary, but my favourite every-day-dresses to wear around the house or go grocery shopping until it gets too cold for them (it gets pretty chilly inside our flat in winter).

    1. Thanks Whitney, the shoes are in fact a few years old but they are really fun and they came with the bows on them!
      Well done you for noticing the new photos on my site, I had a photo shoot at the weekend, more photos to come. Pleased you like them they did a good job!

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