A vintage tartan skirt to keep you warm

It’s been a while since I last shared a vintage find with you but this one is a must!

I found this vintage tartan skirt a few weeks ago and when I showed my Nana later that day she presented me with her newspaper which had a full spread in the fashion section on tartan. Who knew I was so on trend without even knowing it?

I picked it up as I couldn’t get over how much fabric it had and thought it would be really warm to wear in the winter.

I liked the pattern and was really drawn to the high waist.

It’s really long which is great although for someone short like me it maybe a little too long but I have to say I think it still looks pretty cool.

You could dress it up or down but of course I went up. That’s more me.

I’m not keeping it as it’s going on my stall at the next vintage fair but had to have pictures with it.

Hope you think my find is as fabulous as I do. Are you on trend with tartan this season?

7 thoughts on “A vintage tartan skirt to keep you warm

  1. I love it! You’re ready for a trip to bonny scotland now but it might be a bit too long for the Highland Fling! I too have found a great skirt – when we where in Florida we found visited a thrift shop – it was huge! Only stayed an hour – hubby was bored and the sunshine was calling – Lola, my daughter got some nice pieces more retro then vintage – but I stumbled across a tartan mid length skirt with a great vintage label. You can see it on my facebook page Thischarmingvintage in the 2013 Autumn album. Weve got lots of fairs coming up over the next seven weeks up to Christmas, lets hope its busy as Iv got lots of stock to sell! Ps we found some great vintage shops in St Petes. Lola got a gorgeous red halterneck dress for her Christmas dance. Its annoying because the proprietors say they cant sell their fur, jumpers, heavier garments – they get lots of senior Canadians moving to Florida and bring their clothes in to sell. If only the shipping wasnt so expensive. bbfn Janet x

    1. Welcome back! Sounds like you had a great time in Florida, you did better than me on the vintage front I think I may have got a little carried away with all the Disney sites to view.
      Good to hear you are as busy as ever and hope the fairs go well over the next few months. I have got some fab coats for the next one I am doing in a few weeks so hope they go down well. As for my new skirt, your right I could wear it on a trip up north, it has been awhile since I have been to Scotland. Maybe I should think about one….

    1. Sounds like your a lady after my own heart! I seem to have a lot of tartan also, taking my pieces to a fair I am at this weekend. As for the bag – it was a good find I really should sell it but some how it’s not made it to having a label added to it as yet!

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