‘I Love Lucy show’- I’m a new fan

On my recent trip to Florida the wife and I went to Universal studios. She was looking forward to the rides but I had my eye on the ‘I Love Lucy show’ tribute I had read about in the guide book. I didn’t know a lot about the show but knew it was just my thing.

The tribute was in a nice large space that had lots of information on the show and lead actress Lucille Ball, lots for me to take in. I of course loved the costumes and clips they were showing on a loop. I hadn’t known until that day that the clip I had seen about three thousand times in Pretty Woman when she is watching TV is theΒ ‘I Love Lucy show‘!

I of course took lots of pictures so I could share them with you. These are of the classic polka dot dress Lucille Ball wears when playing Lucy:

Really liked the black and white images they used at the top of the walls from scenes of the programme:

They had some original costume sketches that I found interesting.

Saw lots of ‘I Love Lucy’ mania which was fun to see. Of course being from the UK the show wasn’t that well known to me but it became clear as I looked at all this I needed to get my hands on the episodes and re-live the years of joy the US must have had from watching this classic show.

Lucille Ball was such a striking lady and these images captured that so well, especially the last one!

To top the experience I later got a chance to have a photo with Lucy herself! She may not have been the real Lucy but it was good enough for me.

I was so pleased I got to see this collection (plus it was a good break from the crazy rides) and now I am a big fan.

When we got back home to order the DVDs (I couldn’t wait) it seemed no one has released it in the UK. I better find out if my Blu-ray player will play the US version!

Do you love ‘I Love Lucy’?

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