Vintage fair – Friends, ideas and lessons

This week’s Vintage fair was in Sevenoaks and I had picked the event as I wanted to do a new area.  I loved the idea of doing an event at The Stag Theatre as the space looked really vintage. So I put on my new outfit from my new collection called ‘Loved by Eileen’ and off the Mother-in-Law and I went.

It in fact turned out to be a room down an alley-way next to the theatre, so it wasn’t really what I thought it was going to be like! This was lesson one for the day – always ask more questions when booking to do a fair about your space and pitch.

Lesson two – be stronger about your pitch requests, as my space was less than ideal in many ways and I had emailed before hand – oh well.

By the time we had set up other stallholders had also arrived. This meant the already small space got considerably smaller, as a result my Mother- in-law became blocked into a space the size of a small cupboard and there was no room for another chair or area for me to go – I had to stand for 5 hours in a gap between the table and the end of rail – how very glamorous!

Anyway I didn’t let this get me down and after meeting a pair of friends that formed The Pop-Up Flea and chatting away I remembered the reason I do these fairs is to meet people who are like minded and love vintage as much as I do. I knew right away they were the kind of ladies you would want to go for a glass of wine with and were full of energy. As they unpacked I spotted a sign they had which I knew the wife would love, so of course I got it quickly. They also had the first great idea of the day for me to take away. They had used a dress screen covered in vintage fabric to go behind their table. I loved this idea as it made it like their own little shop.

The fair had entertainment in the form of the The Vintage Cats. I really liked these ladies, they all had wonderful voices that made them perfect to listen to while people were shopping.

I had a friend pop in to see me with her sister and while she may have bought a coat from someone else (I let her off as she looked great in it!) we had time for tea and cake and a laugh. While I skived off Pam looked after the stall – thanks Pam.

Met some great customers as always, all with their own story and reason for being at the event. However the most people I talked to were the other stall holders as the event wasn’t as busy as events I have done so far. Below are some pictures of pieces I liked on others stalls:

My new collection of coats went down well and I in fact sold two, both to store holders. Here is one of them, part of my new collection.

Met the lovely couple from Hand me down vintage who had the amazing iron bookends, don’t you just love them!

And if this isn’t enough I did manage to go in the theatre in the end! Well the Mother-in-Law found the back stage dressing rooms and so I couldn’t help but go and have a nose.

I learnt a lot from this fair and have lots of ideas going round in my head, which is always good. Hope you all had a good weekend, do anything nice?

4 thoughts on “Vintage fair – Friends, ideas and lessons

    1. As far as I know I think it was the first, it was good fun. I do love meeting other vintage traders. Meet a really nice lady who I ended up buying a lot of buttons from! Welcome to my blog.

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