Vintage knitting patterns for the winter

It’s been a while since I last shared some vintage knitting patterns with you all so I thought with the weather changing and the fact I have worn my coat for almost a week (to be fair I think I maybe getting used to it not being Florida) it must be time to get that winter wardrobe ready for action.

I picked these up a few months ago and if you want to have a go at making any you can get your hands on these by visiting me at my next vintage fair.  They may also give you some great ideas for what you want to wear over the next few months:

Ok so it maybe a little late to make something for this winter, unless you are a dab-hand at knitting these things take time. Only a knitting expert could tackle the pattern below in the time suggested. Still if you are more like me you could just start planning for next Autumn!

I haven’t forgotten the children as I have patterns for them as well, some of these are so sweet and would make great gifts if you were talented enough to make any:

I like to think I looked like this when I was young!

So do you knit? Or are you like me and just enjoy looking at the pictures and thinking about the past.

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