Back seam tights just because!

Before I went on holiday the wife and I did the classic Boots shop to get all our toiletries for our trip. As she was ensuring we had everything we were going to need I managed to find myself in the reduced (also known as bargain) aisle.  There I came across some back seam tights by Pretty Polly for an unbelievable £1.20. I haven’t seen these before but I loved the packaging and had to get them for that price. Then to my joy I found another 5 pairs!! I put them in the basket and smiled at the wife as she paid.

A great find!
A great find!

So as I was getting ready for work today I thought why not put on a pair? I normally only wear them at the weekend or for events but sometimes there is nothing like wearing some super tights just because. The weather is changing and it seemed fitting to get them out to add some vintage glamour to my day.

They are really nice tights and didn’t feel too tight to wear, plus they made me feel great. It seems even on-line they are a snip at only £6.00 which is still less then what I have paid in the past for seam tights.

So if you want to add some vintage joy to any outfits these are your key.

Also hope you enjoy some of my new style photos. It seems I may just be getting the hang of this modern technology at last!

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