Back off holiday and ready to face the world

I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks since my last post, it seems a lot longer. My holiday was amazing and the break was just what I needed. The best thing about it was getting to spend time with the wife, it was so much fun. I have lots to share with you from my adventure which I hope you will all enjoy.

I saw Cinderella’s castle, fed the Dolphins, went on more upside down rides then I ever thought I would in my life, saw some great shows with Disney characters in, went to a cinema where you could eat dinner while watching the film (it was very cool), fell in love with a new shop, sang on the show ‘The American Idol experience’ at Disney Hollywood studios (a crazy story), did some shopping (of course) and ate so much food I am glad it’s only the baggage they weigh on the return flight.

The sign was very true at this point in the holiday. It was full on!
The sign was very true at this point in the holiday. It was full on!

So updates will follow over the next few weeks, all vintage inspired of course.

Since getting back to the UK I have hit the ground running and feel so ready to get back to things. The washing is all done, the ironing almost and the suitcases have been put back up in the loft until next time. I got an emergency hair cut and colour today before going back to work as it’s safe to say I had let it get a little crazy and I now feel ready to crack on.

Before I went away my wise friend said “looking forward to seeing what ideas / inspirations you get while you are away when you are back” and he was right there was so much to take in from the trip. Here are a few photos to give you a taste:

It’s strange as I spent the whole two weeks without a phone and laptop and I did miss you all but I have to say you should do it, it’s a great feeling. Something you would try?

4 thoughts on “Back off holiday and ready to face the world

  1. Pleased you both had a great time. We are off on Friday – cant wait. Have had a hectic 3 weekends with fairs – a reasonable one, a good one and a bad one. Its a real rollercoaster here too, but not as much fun! At least its still quite warm down south, so you shouldn’t be feeling the cold too much. Freezing up here in Fife – felt stupid going for my pedicure in sandals. My toes were almost blue! Roll on Florida x

    1. Sounds like you have been a busy lady. I have a fair next week so need job is to start working towards that now I am back. The weather was really up and down in Florida so make sure you have your rainmac! I thought of you when we fed the Dolphins. Have a good one.

  2. wow it looks amazing……..and I’m not even a disney fan. Just been away myself so it does do you good to get away from the whole social media thing.relaxing …..even if your in a whirl dancing with Donald

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