Hi Ho Hi Ho (It’s off to a Disney Honeymoon I go)….

So the bags are almost packed, the guide book has been read and it’s almost time to put the laptop to sleep for a few weeks. All because the wife and I are off on our late Honeymoon. It maybe safe to say I am a little excited:

After the Wedding in January we were lucky enough that as a gift some friends of ours let us stay at their deluxe beach house in Sea-Salter and it was just what we needed after the busy run up to the wedding. We ate a lot and slept even more. The idea of getting on a plane and being on a holiday-of-a-life-time made me feel ill as I was so tried. I was so pleased we hadn’t booked a crazy holiday however….

I have always said I wanted to go to Disney World (I am a big kid, love Disney films and songs) but it was never on the list of things to do in life as I never thought I would get the chance. However that was before I meet my wonderful wife! For her sins she has made my dream come true and we will be on our way soon.

It’s safe to say that I want to do all the things the guide books says are perfect for the under-5’s and she wants to do the over-12s but one thing I know for sure it’s going to be the first very large holiday we have ever been on together and a lot better than our awful holiday in Turkey (a whole other story).

There is so much I want to see and do and I’m not sure where to start but as Maria would say from the Sound of Music – let’s start at the very beginning….

See you in a few weeks
See you in a few weeks

Take care x

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