Launch party of a vintage wedding magazine – on a school night!

As I mentioned on Friday I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch party of the second issue of Doily Days Wedding magazine. I had first come across the magazine at Johnny Loves Vintage fair a few months ago and thought it was a great read. It’s well laid out and had some super ideas in it, plus it was free! I met Helen the editor and owner of the business at the fair and I could tell right away how every Bride would feel reassured if she was styling or planning for them. So when I had the chance to get one of my brooch bouquets featured in the magazine I was really honoured and couldn’t wait to see it.

When the invite was received I saw that it was going to be in Brighton, not exactly round the corner from my home, and on a school night! Not the distance or the fact that I would be fit for nothing the following day was going to prevent me from getting to that do. With that determination I called in some favours (thanks Liz) and before I knew it I was on the train in my best Finery – after all a girl has to make the effort for a party.

I got there early – of course, that’s what uncool people do, so I got the taxi driver to drop me off at the sea front to take some pictures. It was odd to be there on my own without the wife or my close girlfriends who I go with to the open house’s each year with, but the sun was starting to set and it was really very pretty. Pictures are not great but you get the idea.

The party was great fun and issue two looks fabulous. If you are planning for your big day, want to find some get suppliers or just like to be nosey then this is the magazine for you.

I decided to have my hair done by Fine to Fabulous hair & make up while I was there, how could I not! It’s safe to say it was very large by the time Ingrid was done with it!

I managed to see some faces I knew from Johnny Loves June fair  which I was pleased about as I thought I wouldn’t know anyone. It was nice to catch up with them all and see what they had been doing. Two lovelies were Diane of Bella Does Brighton who I managed to get into the Photo Booth along with Claire from Fairy Tale Fair. When Claire is not doing that she is making very trendy plastic necklaces, perfect for hen parties – take a look at her site. See the picture of us in the Photo Booth, it’s scanned so not amazing quality but you get the picture!

It was really fun
It was really fun

I got some inside trade secrets from Luke of Gresham Blake, he had one of his own suits on (it was sharp). We also talked about shoes a bit! The photo of us both below is by the wonderful Jenny Rutterford who I wish I could take to every outing as she has managed to get a good photo of me! Thanks Jenny.

I had a good laugh with Darly from Vintage & Very nice fairs and his friend John of Horatio Jones. I really need to learn how to use my phone camera.


Got to meet Louise from Oh My Honey who was wearing one of her dresses, they were really fun and would be perfect for a wedding. Another image by Jenny Rutterford.

It was a great night and Helen did an amazing job of planning a school night party and issue two of Doily Days Wedding magazine was a hit with everyone. I had a cupcake and managed to take a Pom Pom home.

Pretty pink
Pretty pink

It may have taken me 48 hours to get over a school night outing but I met some great people and got to see my bouquet in a wonderful wedding magazine.

Do you go out on a school night often?

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