A vintage fair in Rayleigh with cupcakes and style

This weekend I went to Rayleigh in Essex for the ‘Debbie Does Vintage‘ fair. It was the first fair I hadn’t really felt in the mood for. I was tired from the week and the night before it hit me that I was going on the most expensive holiday of my life (likely to be the first and last) in less than a week and hadn’t done anything! It was time for me to show a bit of foxy steel so I put my big girl tights on, applied a bit of lippy and dug deep.

Once we got there I focused on setting up my stall and taking in the surroundings. It was a much bigger fair than I thought it was going to be and having stalls outside made it feel like a real event.

Maybe because I was tired I started doubting my pieces and my stall in general. I am a Gemini so can often go from one mood to the next in moments! I turned a corner when Jane and Annie arrived. I had first meet these two a few years back at a friends hen party and these lovely ladies were part of her family.  Jane had come along to pick up a vintage sewing pattern I had kept for her and say hi. Once I had seen their friendly faces I felt more ready to face the world.

I was also blessed with friendly neighbours at the fair, to my left was a lady who made cards and craft pieces. She spent most of the day dancing to the radio and at one point made me join in a wave dance! The lady to the right of me was ‘Dena’s Cakes‘. She had help in the form of her sister and daughter, they didn’t stop laughing all day. Dena was so full of life and it was clear she loved to bake. We bought 8 cupcakes from her and by 4.00 pm she had sold out of her 180 plus sugary joys. I am telling you they were pieces of confectionery heaven. If you need a cake and live near Rayleigh she is the lady for the job.

I sold my 1918 sewing machine to Bernie who loved the fact it came with the original paperwork.

I met an American lady who bought some linen from me and we talked about Florida (which made me feel like I was getting ready for my holiday more). A lot of china went to nice homes – one lady explained that nice things should be used and had started to get everything out in her home (a great idea).

I sold a 1940s dress to a lady I now know to have the name of Becky Boo (what a great name). She looked like she had just stepped out of the era and so did the rest of her family. I also liked the fact she had a tape measure with her, a lady who plans.

I sold a few pieces to a lady who’s face lit up once she saw the night coat I had, so over all a nice day in the end. As always meeting the customers was the best part.

It wasn’t all happy endings I am afraid. I had a lady who brought to my attention that the dress she wanted to try on had a few rips in it. I was so mortified, it hadn’t been like that before. I suppose the occasional dress casualty has to be expected when working with vintage pre owned clothing.

I took it off the rail and will get it fixed at a later date.  It made me realise that I must check clothes in between fairs. It’s old and the fabric is very thin but it made me see that each and every fair I do I keep learning.

It’s now time to start planning for my holiday!

14 thoughts on “A vintage fair in Rayleigh with cupcakes and style

  1. Hi Lisa,
    It was lovely seeing you on Saturday. That was the first vintage fair I have been to. I will be going to lots more. Hope you and Vicky have a wonderful holiday.
    Speak to you soon. Love to you and Vicky xxxxx

    Sent from my iPad

  2. I used to love selling at fairs, just to meet the other sellers and customers, its always nice when you sell a few bits though.
    Sadly stock can get damaged when being tried on, I’ve done many repairs between fairs.
    Those cupcakes look yummy! 🙂

  3. Pleased you had a good day after all. I’ve always enjoyed meeting other stallholders and find everyone supportive. Customers are usually lovely too and Im sure the lady who noticed the rips in the dress understood. You’re off to Florida then! Have a brilliant time – we are going 5th Oct – a week in Orlando and then a week in Clearwater. Last time we went we said it was a holiday of a lifetime but here we are going back! You must go to Discovery Cove – expensive but worth every penny. Get packing ( leave room in your suitcase as the shopping is good!) and look forward to seeing some pics.
    We are off to Judys Affordable Vintage Fairs at Edinburgh this Saturday and will be taking lots of Autumn/Winter clothes so hope they get a good reception!

    1. Thanks for all the tips Janet and yes I am looking forward to the shopping and the teacup ride! Hope to find some vintage pieces if I have time in between all the rides. Packing light is something I am not too good at but will see how I get on.
      Good luck at Judys fair, if they are anything like the London one’s it will be packed. Winter clothes is a good plan (where has the year gone?), I have a fab green cape I am looking forward to taking to the next fair I do in October.

  4. Mrs Fox, I have just had the opportunity to sit down and look at your website and your blog is wonderful and made me smile. It was a fabulous event on Saturday and such a joy to have such wonderful trading neighbours. I always have my Sister or Daughter along to assist and we particularly enjoy the retro vintage fairs; such nice people. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed your cup cakes. Hoping that our paths will cross again at another event. Best wishes. Dena

  5. Mrs Fox,
    It was a pleasure to meet you at the Vintage Fair in Rayleigh on Saturday. Its always a treat to have lovely neighbours. I thought you might like to know my friend, who I know via the WI, loved the card I purchased from you.
    Enjoy your trip to the USA. Kind Regards, Debbie

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