A vintage tablecloth as a new collar!

Following my piece last week about my doilies and linen collection I have made use of one of the damaged tablecloths in the bundle.

I knew I wanted to do something which would highlight the pretty pink detailing on a tablecloth I had acquired, but what? Then a little idea popped into my vintage mind and so I began my project of creating a collar on an old white cardigan that had been hiding in my wardrobe.

I have had the cardigan for a while having bought it thinking it would be used as a basic, something that would go nicely with any outfit. Unfortunately the truth was it sat tucked away, unloved and forgotten.

This cardigan will be ignored no longer now it has had a Mrs Fox makeover! Take a look and see what you think of my new vintage collar:

I am pleased I managed to make use of the tablecloth and give it a new life.

Hope you like it and what would you have done with it?

8 thoughts on “A vintage tablecloth as a new collar!

  1. That is a great idea, it looks lovely! And you look so happy wearing it.
    Did you manage to make the collar out of one piece or did you cut out single flowers and sewed them together again?

    1. Thanks for the message, was pleased how it turned out. Plus the sewing inside doesn’t look too bad! I used the front pieces as whole parts of the tablecloth and the part at the back I cut out a flower I managed to save which wasn’t damaged and added this on the back to join it all up.

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