The sun shining for a Whitstable vintage fair

As the mother-in-law and I packed up on Sunday to head to the seaside town of Whitstable for ‘Mrs Fox’s’ next vintage fair I was just hoping the rain would hold off while we got everything in the car and out again at the other side. It seemed luck was on our side as the sun began to come out and the distant memory of the awful rain on Saturday was behind us.

The good luck continued as we managed to bag a car park space just outside the venue which meant we didn’t have to pay. You know you’re old when getting a free parking space makes you happy! I had a feeling it was going to be a nice day.

In less then an hour we were all set up and if I do say so myself I was pleased with the way the stall looked. It seems we may have started to get this fair thing down a bit more.

I should add at this point that my fabulous mother-in-law’s outfit of the day was a vintage pink Laura Ashley dress with a white collar that she has owned for over 25 years and she looked amazing. I think she was destined to be part of ‘Mrs Fox’s Finery & Fancies’.  So while she was looking glamorous I had my 50p granny apron on which I have turned into a dress – we looked a pair ready for a Vintage fair. Armed and ready to go we opened our doors to Whitstable (well if the stall had doors we would have done so).

The fair was in a small hall called the Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre and the night before there had been an event and so the place was decorated wonderfully in coloured paper, it was really in keeping with the day. Outside was a camper van which doubled as the catering stall with food, drink and music.  Inside we had some classic tunes playing via a CD player and with the sun staying out people were popping in to see what was on offer.

It was a really nice day and as I have said a few times it’s meeting new people that I love so much and seeing what they buy and why. My highlights of the day were:

  • The fabulous typewriter I had was picked up by a very trendy couple from London who are going to use it for display in their pad. I think it will have a good time with them.
  • The Silver Jubilee letter writing set went to a lady for her friends first wedding Anniversary gift – Loved that idea and going to bank that in my mind to remember.
  • It wasn’t until I unpacked everything for the day I noticed I may have gone a little teapot and coffee mad in the last few months but I am clearly not the only one who likes them as I sold three, one to a man who had just popped having spent the morning gardening, a lady who was looking for a teapot but really liked my Denby green coffee pot and came back after thinking it over and saying ‘I can put Tea in it still?’. Of course! And another went to a nice couple.
  • The Singer tin went to a lady who was buying for a friends birthday.
  • The photo I showed in my piece last week of a beautiful lady with a mirror was sold to a lady who was buying if for her daughters 21st birthday.
  • My full length bright coloured apron went to a lady who I think likes aprons more than me (if that’s possible) along with some tea cups and saucers.
  • Some of my fabric / doilies finds went to a lady looking for a new table cloth and set and I think she walked away really happy.
  • Met a great couple who do 1940s re-enactments and they showed me some photos of themselves. I was pleased they thought my pieces were good enough as they went away with two pairs of ladies gloves. The gentlemen was called Vernon Mee and does talks about men’s fashion from the past. Really want to try and see him in action.
  • My favourite buy of the day was a lady who came just as we had to start packing up and spotted a green evening dress I had. It’s odd as not many people had looked at it but I knew when I got it how nice it was and was hoping that in time it would find the right owner. Within minutes she had the dress on and she looked a knock out in it. Her partner looked like he had fallen in love with her all over again and after finding out she was from Nottingham (where my family live) I was so pleased she went home with it. I hope she sends me a picture so you can see for yourself.

The other thing I started to see at this fair was not just the sales I was making but the way my pieces made people feel. So many people were spotting pieces and saying ‘I remember that’ or ‘Do you remember our mother having something like that?’ One lady explained she was writing her memoires and how some of the photos I had made her think of her life. That’s what is so special about buying vintage clothes and household bits, they have history. They have meaning and at one point someone else loved the piece you now hold or take home for yourself as much as you do. Maybe they saw the same beauty in it as you or maybe they saw something else but the object is still going to get a chance of being loved once more.

As the fair ended and the wife joined me with the rest of the family we had a little walk along the coast. We found a boat named Lisa so had to have a picture.

And then I was placed in the car where I slept the way home.  It was a big day for a little Fox.

I hope what ever you did for Bank Holiday weekend you had a good time. Anyone else go to the Seaside?

5 thoughts on “The sun shining for a Whitstable vintage fair

  1. Loving the stall! As you say you will get better at setting up each time. Sounds like you had a busy day too. Im pleased the sun shone – especially for the stallholders who were outside! My worst nightmare would be getting drenched as I unload so Iv invested in a plastic poncho thing with a hood in case of emergencys. We were trading at a fair near Kinross in Perthshire and didnt need our ponchos either! It was a 40s day and it was really fun with military vehicles and memorabilia; a tea dance and vintage stalls. I will post some photos soon on our facebook page Thischarmingvintage; if you find time take a look. Bfn

    1. I know what you mean rain and vintage outfits do not really go. I am not quite hardcore enough to have an outside stall. Would love to see a picture of you in your plastic poncho! I am not sure I could pull one off but a good idea to get something just in case. I may start thinking about that!
      Looking forward to seeing pictures from your event, love a tea dance. x

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