A Granny dress fit for a Queen!

On Monday I was lucky enough to be crowned Queen of Vintage No: 124 by Lena who is writer and curator of Queensofvintage.com. I must say it felt great being a Queen for a day and I managed to get a lot of tea made for me at work, even with the odd curtsey. I think if she had known me in my early teens it may have been a different story!

So as a treat I thought I would be a little bit naughty and buy myself a new dress. I’m meant to be saving for my holiday next month, but being a Queen I thought I would worry about that on Tuesday and the wife would let me off this once (surely).

I managed to find this fabulous ‘granny’ dress in my lunch break and thought I would share. I know it’s not vintage, but with my pearls I thought it would look cool and for the total of £4.99 I handed over the money and it felt like it was a gift from someone else.

The wife said I had paid £4.98 over what it was worth, but did say when she saw it on she liked it (I think I got away with it)!

What would you wear if you could be Queen for a day? x

8 thoughts on “A Granny dress fit for a Queen!

  1. Congrats on being Queen for the day! That colour does look very Queenie 🙂
    I would love to have a vintage make over if i were to be Queen for the day…but i wouldn’t know where to start…..

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