Vintage doilies and linen galore – the glamour!

Looking back over the last few months I have come to see how much work being a trader at vintage fairs is. I really love doing them, meeting people who are interested in times past, having a good chin wag, dressing up in my vintage best and having a fun day out. However, before you can get to the fair there’s sourcing (which is fun), washing and ironing (less fun), pricing and advertising (social media is still alien to me) and all while trying to make sure I don’t take over the house with all my finds!

It’s just not that glamorous on some days but I know it’s worth it!

For example I came across an amazing collection of vintage doilies and tablecloths the other week and before I knew it I was sorting through over 50 pieces of joy.

As I am knee deep in washing the doilies I like to imagine what people may use them for. Will it be for their weddings on the tables? Will they make something wonderful like the two ladies from Granny Chic  (a must read book) where they cover a dress mannequin in doilies or like my close friend does make some wonderful bunting.  That’s the fun of fairs, getting to meet the customer and hearing their ideas.

Some of the pieces were too damaged and didn’t make the final cut which was sad, there were a few pieces I think I can salvage and I have put to one side. I hope in a later blog I will be showing you my creations from these soon to be rescued pieces.

So next weekend as I head off to my fifth vintage fair this year with my vintage doilies all nice and clean. I hope the people of Whitstable, Kent will like them and of course ‘Mrs Fox’s’.

After all it’s a seaside town I hold dear to my heart. The wife and I went there when we were first dating and I fell in love with her a little bit more as she took me knowing I would love it. It’s full of vintage and charity shops, it has it’s own castle, fish & chips that smell amazing and those famous Whitstable Oyster’s. How could you not love it? It’s also where we went on our honeymoon (well just outside Whitstable in Seasalter). So if this doesn’t sell it to you to pop along next weekend to see me, my doilies and other finds – nothing will.

Better go now as I have hangers to finish painting – another story……

6 thoughts on “Vintage doilies and linen galore – the glamour!

  1. I love vintage linens, what a wonderful collection. I used to sell at vintage fairs and it is such hard work! But I loved meeting customers face to face and getting to know other traders.
    Hope you find lots of buyers for your beautiful things. Xxx

    1. Thanks Catherine, I was so pleased when I came across it all! Will let you know what homes they go too. I managed to find a knitted apron in the collection also, not sure how useful that would be but it’s cool x

  2. Love your pricing labels! Those little touches can make all the difference when at fairs. I organise Vintage Fairs at the opposite end of the county to you – Bonnie Scotland – and I also sell vintage clothing – Thischarmingvintage.I have just discovered your blog – Im doing a wedding planners course too and loved your wedding blog. Will enjoy keeping up to date with your vintage pursuits!

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