What happens after the wedding?

Mrs Fox’s wedding is featured on Queens of Vintage (thanks Lena, I’m a big fan!)

It’s been 7 months since I married my lovely lady and we have been really busy ever since, I’m not really sure how we ever had time to plan a wedding before! One thing we have done is sort out all the bits and bobs we used for our big day.

Just married!
Just married!

Whether you are someone like me who collected for years up until your big day or just had a small wedding that was planned in a few months, you will have acquired pieces to help make your day reflect the both of you – but where does all the stuff go afterwards?

What happens to the wedding stuff after the big day? Some sell it on-line and help out other brides who want the same style as themselves; others simply get rid of it and people like me might do a mixture of giving bits away and creating keepsakes.

Below is what the new Mrs & Mrs Fox did:

  • The suitcase I used for our card box now holds all my scarves (I did well out of that one)!
  • The poem that Vicky’s cousin EJ wrote and read for us as part of our service, was framed by herself and partner as our wedding gift and has pride of place in our dining room.
It's a start!
It’s a start!
  • With one of the vintage table cloths we used in the Welcome Barn to sit under the blue and green bottles, I created a sign for the home which I had seen in the Mollie Makes magazine. It was a first attempt and I have learnt that I need to use a ring to hold the fabric in place, but you have to start somewhere. The wife loves it and that’s all that matters.
  • As we wanted to thank a lot of people who made our day possible, we gave our table decorations to guests on the day itself. We placed vintage-style luggage tags on the back of the movie star pictures (with each table named after the star whose framed photograph was placed there) and the bird cages (which were placed in the middle of the flower displays on each table) saying ‘This belongs to….’ It worked really well and since the day I have seen a few friends that have placed them on display in their homes, which is so nice. For our table name ‘Garbo & Dietrich’ (yes, we had photographs of these two great stars on our table) we put them up on the wall in our hallway (along with a wedding photo) for all to see as they come to our home.
  • I have placed our wedding cake tops on our mantlepiece in our living room. It may seem a little odd but they were just too nice just to keep in a box or eat!
  • I knew from the moment I paid for the ‘Mrs & Mrs Fox’ sign that it would be placed in our bedroom in our new home, where it is high on the wall over the bed; I just love it.
  • We asked guests to fill in the postcards as our replacement guest book and these are now filed away in some really nice Paperchase albums I got in the sale (I do like that shop).
  • The wife’s friend – who was lucky enough to catch the bunch of flowers – brought some over after the wedding and we dried them. They must have been lucky as she is now getting married next year at the same place!
  • I made the ticket frame for the guests to view all the shows we have seen together and this is now in our bedroom.

I could go on, but you get the idea; I am someone who can’t get rid of anything, never mind the pieces that were part of the day I became Mrs Fox! Whatever you decide to do or have done do let me know, as I would love to hear. But I do think a keepsake is always nice.

Love the idea of using a key on a place name
Love the idea of using a key on a place name

Wedding planning might be over for me but running Mrs Fox’s Finery & Fancies I keep shopping for brides-to-be and I am always on the lookout for bits I think they might like. I also still get to do some cutting and pasting! Here are a few I have at present that I will be bringing along to my next fair, I hope it gives you some good ideas.

If you are interested in any contact me at mrsfoxfinery@hotmail.com or leave me a comment below.

Until then, take care x

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4 thoughts on “What happens after the wedding?

    1. Thanks Marija for the message and the congrats. Great to hear from you.

      As for being married I still drive the wife mad but I don’t think she would have it any other way! It’s great x

  1. Ah, thanks for the shout-out, Mrs F 🙂
    It was a glorious day and I was proud to be part of it; perhaps I’ll share the poem on my blog one day!

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