Vintage fair by the sea

On Sunday Mrs Fox’s went for a family outing to the seaside town known as Shoreham-by-sea for Johnny Loves June’s Vintage & Handmade Summer fair. This was to be my 4th fair and my first away from Kent. Travelling to a far away postcode felt a little like I was going to a new school. I need not have worried as I had the in-laws going with me. They have been a great support since I set up Mrs Fox’s (well since I meet their daughter really) and when I told them I had booked a fair in a place near Brighton they just said ‘OK what time do you need to be there?’

Johnny Loves June's Vintage & Handmade fair
Mrs Fox’s was to be a newbie at the fair

With the car all packed with my vintage finds and the in-laws ready with the sat nav, we headed off on my first family trip as a ‘Fox’. I didn’t really get to see the sea (we drove past it in the car, that was about it) as we needed to get things set up for the day. The in-laws were a great help with getting everything from the car as I started the ‘creative process’ of working out how to make the stall look fab. It was like having my own roadies.

Faye, one of the event organiser’s, had placed my stall next to the tea and cake area. It was like she already knew me. Needless to say it was perfect. I had some great neighbors, ‘Bella Does Brighton‘ to my left was a really nice lady who spends her time breathing new life into older bits and pieces through ‘upcycling’. I loved the cards she had created using old photos. I found her dolls head/plant combination a bit mad but I think a Rock and roll bride would go nuts for them. To my right was a theatre director who doubles as a flower crochet queen in her spare time. It makes such a difference when the people around you are so nice and we had a good chat through out the day. Thanks ladies.

Once we were all set for the day Vicky’s dad got in a few moments with the paper before the fair opened!

Always time for a quick read!
Always time for a quick read!

It was a great day at Johnny Loves June’s fair. I meet some amazing vintage lovers who were all so different but happy to just be themselves. Personally, I love the fact people dress up to go to vintage fairs and get into the swing of it. I spotted two sets of people whose looks I adored. One lady was wearing the most amazing vintage glasses.  I wanted to have a chat with her but she disappeared as quickly as I spotted her. Luckily I saw her later talking to some people near by. I just had to introduce myself and ask about them. She was really nice and turned out to be the Founder and Director of ‘Frantic About Frances Pin-Up Girl Lingerie‘. I hadn’t come across her creations before (where had I been?) but after checking her site out I can say it is well worth a visit. The other group I spotted was of some friends who looked like they were having a great time and I loved the hat and dress one of the party was wearing in particular. Thanks for letting me take pictures of you ladies.

I had lots of visitors to the stall and people gave some great feedback about the bouquets and what I was selling more generally. The lovely Pete Chapman was kind enough to send me some images he took of the day. How nice are these:

As the glorious sun was shinning outside I made my sales, a 1950s dress with squirrels on went to another stall holder who was going to a hen party this weekend, some knitting patterns and lots of other bits and bobs disappeared to happy buyers. I met two friends who had got to know each other a few years before through their love of vintage and now meet up and go to vintage fairs together, how nice. Over all, and perhaps unsurprisingly, I did a lot of talking!

Despite being busy I did also manage to find time to get a yellow cupcake, a girl needs sugar to keep her strength up after all. Whilst curious customers looked at my stall there was also dancing, hair dressing and live entertainment to keep them amused. One singer was the fabulous Noelle Vaughu, her performance was so good I initially thought it was a recording until I noticed that it was actually her singing. The fair had it all going on, it had a lot to offer for that 50p entry fee. What a bargain!

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To top the day off I did manage to pop out and have a look at the other stalls and to the wife’s horror I got a new dress. It needs some fixing but am looking forward to wearing it out. I feel a date night coming on….

2 thoughts on “Vintage fair by the sea

  1. I love old patterns; I have some retro 1970’s patterns and a great hat pattern pack from (I think) the 1950’s. I just need to learn to make them now!

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