Flowers in Covent Garden

I stumbled across the Food & Flowers festival in Covent Garden last Saturday quite by chance. I was attending a course for my day job (on the hottest day of the year, of course) and had been given a short lunch break. I was just on my way to find somewhere that had WiFi, whatever that is. I believe it’s something I need in order to use my laptop if I’m not in the house, I had told the wife only a few days before that I didn’t understand why I couldn’t connect on the train – she has officially given up on me. Anyway, I heard a brass band playing and followed the music, of course. Thinking about it now I am a bit like that, I hate the idea that I could be missing out on something.  There, at the bottom of a lane I now know is called St Martin’s Courtyard, was an amazing sight.

Glad I heard the music
Glad I heard the music

A band was playing some fab summer music and people were just hanging out enjoying themselves in the sunshine. It wasn’t until I had heard about three of the songs I noticed what else was going on. I could see a stall with fruit made to look like flowers, not really my thing but what talent to be able to do that. Then I saw the magic of the ‘Flower Cupcake’ stall.  Yes – you heard me right a stall where you could make your own flower arrangement into a cupcake holder with patterns on it. I haven’t seen anything like this before and fell in love, plus it was only £3.00, at that price anyone could have a go.

As I was still taking the ‘Flower Cupcake’ in and thinking do I have time to do one in my lunch break  my attention turned to another table. It was like seeing something out of Alice in Wonderland, the whole table was full of the most beautiful, vintage inspired floral arrangements. I couldn’t help but ask someone about them. It turned out I was standing outside The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers which runs courses ranging from day courses right up to thirty week ones, all designed to help you create flowers into art.

Whether it be for a special day just around the corner or simply because you have always had a passion for flowers this is the place for you. I met the wonderful Gillian Wheeler, the Principal of the Academy, now there’s a lady who clearly loves her job. She explained that all of the students had been working towards the fair. Impressively, she has been teaching for over fifteen years and opened the Academy around three years ago. Take a look at the wonderful talent on display.

So I hope this post has inspired you as much as the talent of all the people who had created these pieces did for me last week.

It prompted me to finish a bouquet I had started a few weeks ago. Result below:

New bouquet
It’s finished!

Let me know if you create anything after reading this.

4 thoughts on “Flowers in Covent Garden

  1. Just devoured this article. Felt like I was there too! I’m thinking a flower cupcake centre piece, on a cake stand, is a must-have at all future tea parties! Love the basket full of wild flowers too. Reaping vintage inspiration from the pics for our new ‘secret garden’! Thanks for sharing, Mrs Fox!

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