Brooch bouquets at No. 84 Tea Room

My brooch bouquets are now in the window of No. 84 Tea Room in Gravesend until the 20th of July! Adding some vintage glitz to the perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea and cake in the area.
I was so pleased when I was emailed by Mel on behalf of the cafe about exhibiting my bouquets in the window. She had seen them at Monica’s vintage fair and thought they would be a good fit. I agreed of course!
I have always liked the cafe and remember when it was first being transformed into everyone’s favourite vintage tea shop. I was new to the area and all the wife’s family and friends kept telling me about a new cafe that had opened insisting that I had to check it out. Many used the words “It’s soooo you” and they were right.  My love of the place has cost me a lot of money in cake. Some key moments of my life have happened there, it may sound cheesy but I don’t care, it’s true.
  • It was the perfect place to hang out after my wedding dress fitting with the girls.
  • It was where the wife and I had breakfast hoping it would be our regular local eatery when we were attempting to buy our house.
  • After we finally got those front door keys and were up to our elbows in dust and paint I survived by eating bacon sandwiches lovingly created by the staff using freshly cut ‘doorstop’ slices of bread and lashings of tomato sauce.

Perhaps most importantly it was the only place where I knew I wanted my hen party. So with the help of the staff I had a wonderful time with tea and dancing. Needless to say it’s a place with some very happy memories for me. To be able to show my vintage style wedding bouquets off in the window of No. 84 is great and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

I hope people enjoy them as they walk past or pop in for some well earned refreshments. If anyone is interested purchasing one or having one custom designed please feel free to contact me at:
Tea anyone?
Tea anyone?

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