Vintage knitting patterns with style

A few weeks ago I came across some knitting patterns which I have been wanting to share with you. When I found them I knew I couldn’t leave without them all! The fact that I have no idea how to follow any of them (the best I can do is make a scarf) doesn’t mean I don’t have a need for them.

Better get the knitting needles out
Better get the knitting needles out

The reason I like knitting patterns is they are a great way of seeing the fashion styles of the past, company adverts and a cheap way of getting some nice pictures for the house. If like me the spare room in your home is more like your dressing room than for guests, then placing some of these in a frame can go along nicely with your vintage pieces and won’t break the bank. Now they are all scanned in, take a look.

Adverts showing the old days:

One of the knitting patterns I found was ‘The Town & Country Knitting Book’ which has some great images in, all very classy outfits that could be made at home with the right skills:

Hope you have enjoyed these and if it’s got you thinking about planning ahead for your winter wardrobe then take a look at one of my new finds.

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