Vintage cars take over Gravesend

As I was making my way back from London on Saturday afternoon, after a sourcing trip for more vintage goodies for you all (more of this to follow in a few weeks!) I discovered Gravesend had been taken over by vintage and classic cars as part of ‘Music & Motors – A festival of Transport’ in the town center. I knew nothing about this (I hadn’t seen it in the local paper – had I missed it?). Like any vintage lover my heart sank as I realised that I could have missed out. Trying to push back the strong desire I had to pull out one of the newly acquired vintage pieces in my bag (in order to look the part) I did what any girl would do and talked to all the owners and took some pictures. Enjoy:

I meet a range of car enthusiasts who where showing off their pride and joy. Some had owned the cars for years and went on trips to the seaside together, it was part of their retirement, a new chapter in their life. Some just liked to exhibit their cars for others to share in the enjoyment. I would like to thank them all for letting me take pictures and for bringing a little bit of vintage to Gravesend. I especially liked all the picnic baskets:

I did manage to get a picture with one car which I was told was a life size model of the car used in Doctor Who. It was yellow, that’s as far as my knowledge on that goes!

Doctor who?
Doctor Who?

This Saturday adventure allowed me to continue the habit I developed of asking people to take pictures of me with vintage cars, even when I cannot drive myself (something which my wife despairs about). As far as I see it doesn’t stop me loving a vintage car or making use of the chance for a photo op. I like to think of myself a bit like Lady Penelope from Thunderbird’s but not sure how the wife would feel about me calling her Parker!

What a great little find this weekend at Gravesend, our very own version of ‘Goodwood’.

Now I just need to get those driving lessons booked so I can own one of these cars in years to come and get pictures of me inside! The thing is what does one wear to learn to drive?

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