Monica’s Vintage Fair – 8th of June

What a day! Saturday’s fair was so much fun and I was really pleased to be part of it again for my second outing as ‘Mrs’s Fox’s Finery & Fancies’. I couldn’t wait to see what people thought of my finds.

Mrs Fox's finds
Mrs Fox’s finds

Well I think they liked them! I sold the amazing ‘sunflower dress’ I sourced before the doors even opened and it didn’t stop there. The ‘yellow jacket’ I had with black buttons was tried on by loads of people with no luck as it was so small until a very classy lady just came along, placed it on and it was a perfect fit. It was meant to be! The 1950s prom dress went to someone who was ready to give it a little love, which I was pleased about and most of the China was going to be used at future weddings.

The hall was full of vintage lovers enjoying their Saturday as they looked for something new.  Spotted in the crowd was the fabulously dressed Hannah wearing a dress she brought from me in March, I just had to get a picture. Thanks for letting me share this Hannah!

Hannah looking fab!
Hannah looking fab!

The Swingtime Sweethearts sang their hearts out and looked great (as always). I have a real soft spot for them as they sang at our wedding and there was some dance classes also happening.

I had some great helpers on the day in the form of my mother-in-law (the original Mrs Fox) and my best bud Michelle. They did a great job and we even managed to have time for tea and cake. The wife was there also but somehow managed to find time to buy a jacket and an album on vinyl! Thanks to all the family and friends who poped their heads in to see how I was getting on and hi to all the new customers of Mrs Fox’s, it was great to meet you all. So here are some pictures of a great day spent, thanks Monica’s Vintage fair:

To top off the day I was given a black and white photo taken by the talented George Chandler from the fair in March. It was printed which made it all the more special, thanks George:

Going back in time
Going back in time

If after all this you are asking how this all happened in one day the answer is I have no idea! Yet I still found time to also see the wonderful ‘The Half’ on tour at The Woodville Halls in the afternoon. This was a showcase of photos taken by Simon Annand of actors in their dressing room. This is a must, if you can get to see this on tour you should.

It was very much in keeping that the picture I liked the best was the one of Alison Steadman in a fab dress:

I think I covered the lot! I will be back at Monica’s fair in November, see you then.

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