60 years – The Queen’s Coronation

60 years ago today our Queen, Elizabeth II had her Coronation. At the age of 27 she took on the biggest role any woman could as she was crowned Queen and Head of a Commonwealth.

Therefore I would like to share some images and information I have collected over time of this wonderful event and of a great lady. Plus the fashion is really out of this world – 1953!

I love this dress
I love this dress


From an orginal book called ‘The Queen Elizabeth Coronation Souvenir’ this first image is a favourite of mine, showing the Queen on her way to rehearsals at Westminster Abbey . This dress really shows early 1950s and if I had the money I would have one made like it now! Hope you enjoy the rest:

Here is a few pages from the approved souvenir programme given to people who attend the coronation at Westminster Abbey, it covered the order of service:

I also managed to find this fab London tranport handout for the day itself. Showing the Royal route and how much our underground has changed:

The Queen looked amazing at her Coronation but this was only the start! Taken from ‘Elizabeth Fifty Glorious Years’ – book by Jennie Bond  I think you will agree she looks fab in these images also.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have added along side these pictures my vintage finds which I think reflect these looks. After all this must have got you in the mood for a few new pieces for your collection:

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are interested in any of the pieces at Mrs Fox’s then email mrsfoxfinery@hotmail.com

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